Classic Song: Something

Each Wednesday I'm going to post a classic song, or at least a song that I considered as a classic... and what a great song to start this the right way other than "Something" from The Beatles, taken from their most famous album: Abbey Road.
The Beatles cover album for Abbey Road

 Without a doubt "Something" is an excellent song and it's my all time favorite one. Written by George Harrison, "Something" was his first song to appear in an A-Side single of The Beatles, it's the second song with more covers after Yesterday with up to 150 covers and it has been praised by different artists, it was even called "the best love song ever" by the one and only Frank Sinatra.

"Something" its the perfect song to dedicate to your lover, it has that emotional depth to it and a lovely melody which can capture the way you feel about that one special person. You may be seeing more Beatles songs in this "Classic Song" entries so, tell us what you think about this Beatles song in particular and we hope you like it as much as we do!

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