How to style: a Band Tee

Lately I've noticed that the band tee is a complement to the grunge trend. You should definitely have one in your wardrobe (try one with a legendary band on it, or better, your favorite band or one you know). Here are three ways of wearing a Ramones sleeveless t-shirt.  

 1. Band-Aid. For a cool and casual rock n roll vibe, wear it with a bright colored jean, sneakers, and a bold accesory.
2. Pretty in punk. For a feminine twist, try a leather circle skirt and add some 'Rockstud' inspired flats, use pearls and bows for accesories. 
3. Glam Rock. For a chic look, pair your tee with a long skirt (any color you'd like), a natural color belt, and black leather booties.
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