What's On: Bad Apple

Two weeks ago Apple received numerous critics for letting hackers leak over 200 private pictures from some celebrities trough their iCloud storage service, although they confirmed that the hackers breached their security by guessing the passwords, I believe this is not a good thing for the brand to get into. 

Last Tuesday, September 9, Apple was programmed to reveal their new iPhone 6, something to leave behind the recent accident with their iCloud service. Everyone was waiting for the new gadget, but what most of the people didn't knew was that while the conference was about to begin the new album from U2 appeared out of nowhere into their iPhones. Almost everyone complained since Apple didn't ask permission to download the album into any of the devices, but they did anyways, I mean... Who wouldn't do it for 100 million dlls? Yes that's how U2 agree to give their new album for free, which in my opinion its pretty cool, but I'll get more into that  some other day.

Even though Apple revealed their new iPhone 6, this has not been a good month for them with those two incidents occurring almost back to back. At the end of the day, iTunes and U2 are two of the biggest things in the music industry, so even after this they'll continue to make money like there is no tomorrow.

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