OOTD: Out There

Yesterday, I went to San Diego to attend Paul McCartney's Out There tour show. Paul is a really special person and musician, I guess we can all agree, not only because he was part of one of the greatest bands ever in rock n' roll history, but also, because he has been on the music industry for like 50 years or so and he's still got it perfectly.

I usually wear comfortable outfits to concerts, this time I went for basics: a plain white t-shirt, dark jeans, white converse sneakers, and my favorite hat. It is really simple but I believe it looks good on anyone who wears this outfit. 

Back on the concert. It was a really fun show and it lasted like 3 hours, but it could definitely last longer, he's got material to do it. My favorite part from this show was when he sang Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, it's an easy song to sing and it's so catchy so everyone was singing it.  

The end. Yes! Of course the end of the show had to be with the Abbey Road medley. It gave me chills.

A souvenir. Besides from the show that would always be kept as a fun souvenir, I bought this charm necklace that says Love McCartney and it doesn't show in the picture but it had also a little bass charm.

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