Playlist: Paul McCartney

On Sunday night, the 28th of September, I went to Paul McCartney's concert in San Diego. My girlfriend gave it to me for my birthday. BEST GIFT EVER. I mean how lucky am I? It was great, a once in a lifetime experience and if you have any chance to go, you should.

Of course I'm still hyped up from the concert so today's playlist is about Paul and all the great hits he has written. Thanks to my good luck, I found all the songs he played on Sunday, but to your bad luck they are just to many to put into a playlist, so what I did is that I chose my favorite ones and the ones I enjoy the most from the concert.

I will try not to spoil anything about the playlist, but I still can't believe I saw such a legend play those unforgettable songs, so I do want to say that the moment I will remember vividly during the rest of my life was Something, not a Paul song, but a George Harrison song. Still the way Paul played it and sang it was my highlight of the concert, the other highlight was Live and Let Die, man such an awesome song with all the fire bursting out from the stage, the pyrotechnics, the way he played it, everything was absolutely fantastic. 

I repeat: if you have any chance, any any chance, you should go to that concert, you would never regret it. Enjoy the Paul playlist!

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