Playlist: Rock Staples

Rock n Roll has been here since the 50s and we all now that the songs from those years are unforgettable and irreplaceable, but I think we all can agree that after all that time there are still great rock songs being made. This playlist celebrates that, great rock songs from recent years. For starters we go back to the 80s with an all time classic from Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart, pass trough the 90s with the grungy and desperate Song 2 from Blur and arrive to the recent decade with one of the Black Keys most complete songs: Tighten Up.

If you are someone that would like to get more into rock, this is the playlist to begin with, because here are some of the songs you must know.

I hoped you enjoyed the playlist, share it with your friends and comment if there are some other songs you think are a must know rock staple.

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