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Today, thanks to NYLON, I found out about a movie that has just premiered yesterday. It's a documentary about 60+ aged women who believe in dressing for impressing and still got their own style. Advanced Style is not just the name of this film, but it is also a blog. The idea of the film began with this blog, photographing elder women with style in their veins, who believe in fashion and dressing as a form of art. It's about 7 women who share their stories, their feelings and visions towards beauty, and of course the clothes they wear. I'm so excited about this film, real people really inspire me, I can't wait to watch it and post a review about it.

A photograph compilation book from the blog: Advanced Style

About insecurities, owning yourself, and owning your style: "It took me 94 years." -Ilona

Ari Seth Cohen, the creator of the documentary and blog.

More Info here:
Instagram: @advancedstyle

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