Quiz: Dress up your music style...

I decided to come up with a fun post and by fun I mean a quiz! I know everyone gets a little curious when they see over the internet "What kind of girl are you?", "Who is your style icon?", and stuff like that. So I thought on very talented and stylish musicians (only girls though, soon I'll be posting one for the boys) to compare your style to. Click on the next link and get your results, you may check back for an outfit recommendation below! Hope you like it...

If your result was: Girly Goth

Lorde in a pink suit and black crop top.

If your result was Lady Extravaganza:

Grimes performing in a graphic tee and snapback.

M.I.A. and her cool metallic look.

If your result was Laid-back Indie:

Haim sisters.

Lana del Rey signature look: like an American.

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