How to style: Denim Jacket

Fall is coming over and what better than to wear a light denim jacket over any outfit. This versatile piece is timeless and ageless, I can remember even as a child I used to have many of them. The thing with the denim jacket is, you don't really have to just style it this way you can actually wear it almost whenever. Check out this styles I chose to wear it: for a date, denim on denim and a rebel-ish style.

1. Lady Madonna. With a pretty printed skirt and white blouse you can pull off the denim jacket for a special date. Add some bling in your accesories for a bold look. 
2. Blue Jeans. Denim on denim is easy, just make sure the shades of blue fit well and to add another color besides of blue use neutral-colored shoes and some colorful necklace.
3. Pretty Reckless. If your style is laid-back rocker, then that's perfect. The denim jacket is an essential to the rebel kinda look, embrace it this fall. 

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