How to style: Ripped Denim Shorts

As the first men 'how to style' entry, I had the opportunity to work with a friend who I really like his style. I literally stalked his closet to see what could we share on this photoshoot. He had these really cool shorts that he made (yes, he cut his jeans and made some shorts) and I found the perfect and common matches for them. Keep on scrolling to see how to style some denim shorts.

1. Normal person. Wear them to go to school or a simple day with a basic tee and some tennis shoes.
2. Hard day's night.  If you don't know if going for a formal or casual look, make a little statement with a polo shirt, this shirt style gives instantly a polished look.
3. When the sun goes down. If the weather it's already chilly but not to much you could pair your shorts with a swearshirt and some cool boots. 

Thank you Herick for collaborating in the blog! If you'd like more entries like these, comment below.

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