How to style: Vintage with a Modern Twist

It's been a while since vintage came along on trend. Wearing your mom's clothes has never been so cool. The indie scene has turned mainstream in a way and their style (hipsters) have been reaching the fashion industry. So, I got three vintage skirts, and I thought I could show you guys how to wear them these days without looking old-fashion or wearing a costume.

1. Nineties. Wearing a casual denim high-waisted skirt with a striped t-shirt and some combat boots to get in the vibe. 
2. 50s housewife. This is my mom's skirt and I thought of wearing it with a neon top so I had a fun look instead of a kinda romantic look. Also, my shoes have some neon details to make this look kinda modern.
3. Mod. I think this skirt gives a little conservative kinda girl vibe, so I paired it with some rockstud flats and a silky blouse with some shoulder cutouts to feel a bit bolder.

How would you wear your vintage clothes? Comment below!

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