On The Look: Chlöe Howl

Nominated for the BBC sound of 2014 and with only 19 years old, Chlöe Howl it's indeed one of the artist that you must have on the look, she hasn't released any album yet, although she already announced an album for this year, there are no news about it.

Since the age of 10 Chlöe has been a part of the music business, it all started when she decided to record a Christmas album for a charity and about 1 year later filmed a pilot episode of a music series, in which she sang on it. By the age of 16 Chlöe left school and signed a record deal with Columbia Records.

I have a feeling that during this next year, this red-headed girl is going to take us by surprise and be in everyone's mouth with her marvelous voice and dancey-pop music.

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