On The Look: Chvrches

Chvrches is a synthpop band from Scotland, formed in 2011. They released their debut album "The Bones of What You Believe In" about a year ago. The letter "u" from the word churches was replaced by a "v" because of how it looked, also they thought if someone wanted to search in the internet for the band name "churches" it could show up photos of a church. They really thought about everything didn't they?

Lately I've been listening to Chvrches a lot... and I mean A LOT, I really don't know why, it just happened or maybe I know why, maybe it's because of those catchy hooks or those poppy melodies, maybe it's Lauren Mayberry's(lead singer) voice that fits so well with both Lain and Martin's synthesizer music. Maybe all of the above.

At the end I'll post their biggest single: The Mother We Share, but you really should listen to all of their debut album, it has songs that will cheer you up and that will get stuck in your head for a couple of days.

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