OOTD: Secret Door

So to photograph this outfit I was looking for a good place to represent what I put on and also a place where my vibrant orange/red shirt could contrast. I drove like 10 streets round to find this beautiful garage door, I know it looks old but I love how it seems so natural.

 I decided to wear some boho and oh-so-fresh pants with a red tee and my favorite pair of sunglasses that can match anything.

The finishing accesories. A black belt, some cool ankle boots (in my opinion tan is the color you wear in a warm and nature inspired look), and...

AC. My favorite chain necklace, it's a key with my initials engraved on it. Btw, I love how this picture came out, it seems like it has some additional effect on it but it's just the color of the door, ahh I keep loving it.

Look at my hair! I never do anything to built up to my hair but I like this simple detail, it's like a twist (yes, is the one in every tutorial, you'll find it somehow).

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