Classic Song: Good Vibrations

On October 1966 the world would see the release of Good Vibrations, one of the most influential and cutting edge songs to be release. It has received a great number of accolades, also it's been praised by the music critics and artist alike. It is considered the 6th best song on Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time" and it was voted number one in the Mojo Top 100 Records of All Time. Good Vibrations is a song by American rock band The Beach Boys and composed by Brian Wilson, a genius ahead of its time.

The song Good Vibrations was such a hit when it was released, even tough it was so different from the other popular music that was getting attention, it marked the start of the recording studio as an instrument, because of how Brian Wilson was pushing further the capacities of such and it also was considered one of the first psychedelic pop songs. Because of the way Brian Wilson was using the recording studio so often and experimenting with everything he could get his hands on, the cost for the track was around $60,000, which was the largest budget ever spent on a single song.

I really love the song, I love the melody and how the harmonies fit so incredibly well, which I believe is what makes the song so easy to hear. The lyrics, written by Mike Love, although it has a couple of small verses, it captures the essence of a love song and it depicts it perfectly. And of course the Theremin which adds that psychedelic feeling to it as well as the bridge between the two final choruses. But the thing I keep listening in my head over and over is the "oom bop bop" part of the chorus, it is such a classic song and a song you should know about. I hope you enjoy the song and as always, remember to comment any song that you think it's a classic.

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