How to Style: a Sweater Dress

Winter weather is on its way and the perfect on trend garment to wear is the sweater dress. It is easy to pull off, wearing it for a shopping day, casual or even a date night, you may give it any motif you want. These are the ways I style my sweater dress: 

1. Bad Kids. If your sweater dress is just like mine (a whole neutral color) just wrap your nicest plaid shirt around your waist for a cool detail! 
2. Black Lips. My favorite outfit, felt so me... Wear a cardigan over your sweater dress and you can add some cool necklaces (different sizes would look great).
3. Mushaboom. Add a colorful touch like a scarf, or it could be a statement necklace, or even a crop top (haven't tried that one but it sounds possibly right).

How would you style your sweater dress? Comment below!

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