OOTD: Forever Halloween

Yesterday was halloween and what I wore to school was an all black outfit. Black skinnies, black booties, black shirt and a black embellished kimono was the right ensemble for halloween. But what I really wore for halloween was a costume I was looking forward to wear since forever; dressing up as Andy Warhol was so much fun (scroll down to see the picture).

Yesterday was a long day it wasn't like the best day ever, but I had so much fun. I went out with a friend to this nightclub that was really full of people. I was surprised by some of the costumes in there; there was this Sims guy, a really creepy Cleopatra with white eyes, too many vampires, and some cute icons like Amy Whinehouse, Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy.

Pop art. I thought some colored sunglasses will give a little 'pop' to this outfit. 

1975. I kinda felt like Matt Healy wearing this outfit.

Arm candy. I bought this cute little bangle that I decided to wear everyday almost like my ankle boots that are now really dirty and dusty.

Factory girl. I borrowed a grey wig from a friend and I was thinking I could be an Edie Sedgwick or I could be an Andy Warhol, at the end it was a really tough decision because I had the outfits for both. I went for an Andy because I felt like dressing like a dude would be more interesting and cool. Not everyone understood my costume but I was really happy with the result.

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