OOTW: Eight Days a Week

Hiii! I've been really busy with school these days that I've only had time to take some fast snaps of my outfits. Here's my resumed week...

Sunday. Went to a family dinner with my grandmother from out of town. We had some really nice chinese food (missed it for a while). I felt like a cool school-girl with this outfit: a white collared blouse under a bright red sweater and a pretty tweed circle skirt.

Monday. I was feeling like a zombie, almost didn't sleep because of doing some homework. I love my career it is just that, I hate to sacrifice sleeping. It was a pretty cold morning so I decided to layer up a striped shirt, a military green blouse and a tan trench coat with my fav pair of boyfriend jeans.

Wednesday. By the middle of the week I was very busy to pull off a more elaborate outfit, but anyways I wore this comfy winter outfit: lace blouse, black cardigan and burgundy skinnies. Oh, and my black boots!

Friday. Finally I got to finish this busy week with an illustration homework. I really like to paint but this class is more about capturing an idea (object) on color using either pastels, pencils, markers or watercolors, nothing too artsy, still my favorite class. I wore once again my burgundy skinies, this time with my favorite band tee (it's soooo pretty) I love Warpaint but I liked way too much the design of their t-shirt. Paired it up with a tweed sweater and this old black UGG sneakers.

Hope you liked this post, maybe I get to do more like these just taking some shots to my week's outfits... What do you think?   

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