Playlist: Post Break-Up

I've been thinking of these themed playlists for a while and this time I decided to get inspiration from breakups. We've all been through a break up, you get that empty feeling inside and you feel like your world is crumbling down. Some of you think that it will never be the same without that person, so we ask for help, we try to rely on friends, but they may not understand what you are going through. That´s exactly the reason why I made this playlist, songs help you feel better, they understand what you are feeling and you can relate to them.

There are songs in this playlist that talk about how a relationship comes to an end, there are classic goodbye acoustic songs, some upbeat songs that will cheer you up and there are also some other songs that normally would not be in a playlist like this, but they work. This songs are just some I personally like and that I believe would help someone feel better after listening to one of them. If you listen to all the playlist and you're still feeling down just remember that in the end everything's gonna be alright.

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