Playlist: Songs From Movie Soundtracks

With the recent soundtrack from the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 being quite enjoyable and honestly one of the best records of the year, even tough it's a compilation from various artist, I started to pay more attention to movie soundtracks. Of course it is also thanks to my beloved girlfriend that gave me the idea to make a playlist about this topic in particular.

There's plenty of cool songs that have appear on movies throughout all the history of film, some of them are original and only made for a movie, others are just thrown in there to connect to the audience in a way that only songs can and there's also a plus to that: some songs that aren't that popular or didn't went well enough when they got released get a second chance and became this huge cult movie songs.

I can go on and on rambling about the impact that music has made to the world of movies and vice versa, but we all know why you're here for. I hope you enjoy the playlist and comment other songs you like that have appeared on any movie soundtrack.

Song - Movie
1.- Hooked on a Feeling - Guardians of the Galaxy
2.- Nightcall - Drive
3.- Yellow Flicker Beat - Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
4.- Johnny B Good - Back to the Future
5.- Purple Rain - Purple Rain
6.- Live and Let Die - James Bond: Live and Let Die
7.- Stayin' Alive - Saturday Night Fever
8.- Back in Black - Ironman
9.- Where Is My Mind? - Fight Club
10.- Lose Yourself - 8 Mile
11.- Heroes - The Perks of Being A Wallflower
12.- Diamonds Are Forever - James Bond: Diamonds Are Forever
13.- Skyfall - James Bond: Skyfall
14.- Young & Beautiful - The Great Gatsby
15.- Exit Music (For A Film) - Romeo And Juliet

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