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I've been interested in the whole Birkin Bag concept since I knew about it in Sex and the City (and I quote: "It's not a bag, it's a Birkin"). And indeed, the Birkin Bag, by french fashion house Hermès, is a well-knowned status bag that costs at least 10,000 dlls, it comes in different presentations as of skins (calf leather, crocodile, ostrich and lizard), sizes (from 25 to 50 cm) and colors (pink, red, brown, baby blue, navy blue, olive green, orange, white, black, and golden tan). What I admire the most about this bag, which is not the price, is that the bag itself is a work of art, just think about how much time and how many hands are part of this bag? It is said that the whole fabrication of this treasure is of 2 days each. But well this is just an introduction to what I want to say...

These days the media has been talkin about this hand painted Birkin by North West to mommy Kim Kardashian. Then the research begun... It's not the first time a Birkin bag has been re-designed, in fact, Kanye has done it too before, even some artists prefer a Birkin as their canvas as well as photographers have used them as a picture subject. Keep scrolling for these resumed stories.

In 2013, Kanye West gifted his spouse with this personalized hand-painted bag. The mastermind behind My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy cover art, George Condo, was also the man responsible for this one of a kind Birkin painting.

Lady Gaga, with the help of a Sharpie, wrote on her Birkin a message from a 'little monster' from Japan. I found this a really good idea, it looks quite original, just so Gaga.

Photographer Tyler Shields is a famous skater and photographer who works with many celebrities in his oh-so-gorgeous pictures (you should definitely check out his work or instagram, whatever). On 2012 one of his works presented a red crocodile Birkin bag which was cut in half with a chainsaw and then completely burned. This caused a lot of controversy on the media, but he had a point with his art: "don't let your possessions possess you". 
Two years later he decided to use a Birkin as a subject and this time he used a blue croc bag, it was shown to be bitten by a crocodile as well as by a model. He surely knew how to get the media attention as causing once again a big debate from the public.

This bag was a gift from a New York business man to his wife. It was graffiti-ed all over by two artists from the Mint&Serf team, and I do consider it a really good paint job.

Boyard is the artist behind this hand-painted Hermès bag. Her pop-art influenced prints have been over a hundred Charlotte Olympia's flats and she customizes Hermès bags as well as Goyard, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga bags with feminist-inspired exclusive works.

I don't think that people and media should feel so offended about making art with these high-priced, status bags. If the artists want to make a one-of-a-kind piece, collection or just an experiment, it's obviously that they've been aware of how much it costs and how to get it. I believe they buy a bag and do whatever they want to do to it, it's theirs. So yeah I respect the whole Birkin bag concept and I do like the concept of these artists of making a work of art out of a work of art.

I hope you're with me, comment below your opinion on the Birkin bag as an art canvas...

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