What's On: Fashion Soundtrack

Fashion is not only about what or who you wear, it has very much to do with style: How do you feel wearing it? I make this statement because music in fashion advertisments, runways and campaigns are not only just there, they have a reason to be there, and that is, to make you feel. How would you feel wearing a Chanel suit inspired by feminism and listening to their runway show song "I'm Not Scared" by Pet Shop Boys? I got the answer: fearless. So go on and listen to this Fashion Soundtrack I made with some songs featured in designer clothing lines (from H&M to Dior) and don't forget to tell on the comments how you felt with these songs. Also, check out some of the ads below that use these great themes.

H&M 2012 Campaign

Elie Saab S/S 15 Runway Show

Dior's "Secret Garden" Campaign (personal fav!)

Chanel S/S 15 Runway Show

Blake Lively for Gucci


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