What's On: Sweater Weather

We've come to that time of the year where wearing a bunch of clothes will keep us warm in the early morning and night, but as soon as the sun sets right above us we feel the need to take off every layer that completes our outfit. No? Well at least in my desert hometown it is, so I decided to come up with some sweater inspo for this weather and I found this very interesting proposal/trend: oversize sweater or sweatshirt + skirt (you name the style: pencil, skater, ruffled, etc). 
Keep on scrolling to see how people are styling this trend...

A right printed skirit for this dark grey sweatshirt.

Show off your legs with a barely there mini skirt. (Loved the hair tuck)

Go monochrome! Burgundy is super in this fall.

A simple black pleated skirt à la American Apparel? Spice it up with a cool vintage oversized sweatshirt.

This is just perfect I can't even describe it!

A ladylike, elegant outfit. Looks so comfy, though.

Black and white will always be a thing.

For a cool and chic look add some booties and an oversized clutch.


Just playing with the front tuck.

100% eclectic. Sporty-ladylike-punk? You get me...

Prints on prints!

Also, nude on nude. Neat!

Comment below what do you think of this trend? How do you wear your oversized sweaters?

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  1. First and third photos are my favorite from this collection! Kisses (and thank you for your visit),