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Remember when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were taking over the showbiz news and magazines or when Mary-Kate and Ashley, well known as "the Olsen Twins", were always seen on the front row of any fashion show? What they had in common at their time, was that they weren't even past their twenties! It is unbelievable how girls get their momento in fashion on their teen years, what's their secret? There isn't quite a secret about it, nowadays I guess it is all because of social media. Some of the actual young trendsetters got the attention through blogging, instagram, reality tv, film and music.
I guess you have watched these young ladies take action on the fashion world.

1. Tavi Gevinson

Maybe you have heard of Style Rookie or Rookiemag... if not, you're missing a lot. Tavi Gevinson was the mind behind Style Rookie, a fashion blog where she showed up her personal style and beliefs, she was always experimenting with clothes and playing dress up with vintage stuff and that was cool, really cool for a 13-year old girl interested in fashion. After that, in 2011, she decided to start a new project called Rookiemag, it's an online magazine for teenage girls by teenage girls. To me, she is a great rolemodel, I mean, she hasn't got it all figured it out but who has? She has put a lot of effort on her site to let teens know they're not wrong on what they believe.
Site: http://www.rookiemag.com/
Instagram: @tavitulle


2. Kendall & Kylie Jenner

This girls may not be loved by everyone but they have achieved plenty of stuff in the fashion world. At least, they can be named as fashion idles, Kendall with her modeling debut and Kylie with her personal style of clothes, beauty and hair. In 2014, Kendall was the face on some major fashion shows in every single one of the four fashion capitals for SS15 collections. Kylie made a line of hair extensions called Kylie Kouture and she's a pretty influential one on instagram with 15 million followers. As of both sisters, they have already made a book (YA novel) and a clothing line for PacSun.
Instagram: @kyliejenner, @kendalljenner


3. Lorde

I love Lorde. I really had to name her a teen idle, not just because of her music, writing or style, but because of her personality. I don't even know her, you may say, but I really think she's the humblest person in the music industry, she's gained a lot of attention this past two years and she's still speaking as if she were just the girl next door. About her style, she's been featured in many magazines and all of them show her sleek and all-black-everything style, she's so recognizable and memorable with that big, curly, black hair, pale face and dark lips.
Site: https://www.youtube.com/user/LordeMusic
Instagram: @lordemusic


4. Elle Fanning

The youngest of the Fanning sisters (yes, Dakota is the other one) has been featured in many campaigns such as Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu. She's known for her film work in Disney's Maleficent, Sofia Coppola's Somewhere, J.J. Abrams' Super 8 and the indie film Ginger and Rosa. With all these collaborations with great designers and directors I think you now know her. Her pretty little baby face has been seen at front rows from Louis Vuitton to Miu Miu alongside sister Dakota Fanning and movie and pop stars such as Lupita Nyong'o, Rihanna nd Elizabeth Olsen.


5. Mappy

I recently heard of Mappy thanks to Teen Vogue, but I know she's on the fashion industry to stay. This petite japanese girl is a total inspiration for teen girls, look at her style! So fun and colorful, she's not affraid of attention. She's a pianist and her dream is to be a jazz professional pianist. Also, she began a blog, she got discovered in Harajuku by a blogger who took pictures of her and then on instagram she began having some fans and now she's on the map. I don't have much information about her but seriously guys, she's the next fashion icon.
Instagram: @bopmappy


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