January Wishlist

A monthly wishlist won't get me all the things I want for free. But hey it's a new year, just two weeks have passed and there's plenty of stuff in your wishlist that's quite possible to get. In fact, this month I decided to make not only a wishlist but a resolution list, more like, material goals. 
This is stuff I've been wanting to get and I probably should get at some point in this year. 

I've always been interested in being a fashion insider and I found a book with the basics to become a know-it-all in the subject a.k.a. famous fashion names (designers, icons, photographers, models, makeup artists, stylists, and famous brands). I can't wait to buy this but I actually have a must-read list in priority reading order, and it's kinda long. 

Also, I thought this winter vacations I would be full-time dedicated to film and instant film photography but guess what, I haven't buy my film and batteries. I hope I get them soon, I want to learn every aspect of photography by myself, and by this year.

As of beauty products, I want to talk about it, I really do, but I'm not much of a makeup junkie. My vanity is full of Clinique products and I've always stayed with the same routine: foundation, mascara and brow brush; in special occasions: eyeliner. I found interesting some moistured products that I guess would look good on my skin like a BB Cream and some cream blush. As a resolution I will talk someday about beauty products and the importance of finding the perfect match for your skin... soon.

And of course, I couldn't not talk about some garments and accesories I totally have to buy this year: a black/white-hued fedora or panama hat, a leather jacket, this really cool Strokes t-shirt aaaand some Dior-inspired sunglasses (they are perfect!). 

My last resolution is a tough one, I'd really like to make a change physically so I've decided to get a nose job, someday I'll change my hairstyle and I'd love to have a little stud on my nose.

These are my "material" resolutions, I won't get personal with you I'm just gonna say I'm starting to make some changes in myself and I feel this 2015 will be a good year, I can feel it!

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