What's On: Bright Eyes, Blue Denim

Blue-gray eyes they change with the color, change with the sun... Those are the lyrics to Stevie Nick's song Blue Denim which is performed by Alexa Chung in a Gia Coppola directed video. I saw the video yesterday and couldn't keep it off my mind all day, I loved it! I'm talking about a promotional video of the new Blue Denim line that Chung is doing in collaboration with AG, an american denim brand. 

"The collection is inherently the missing pieces of my dream denim wardrobe, which, as ever, is predominantly inspired by a late '60s, early '70s aesthetic,"

Let's not forget also about Chung's collab with Eyeko London a makeup brand in which she worked on her makeup staples: eyeliner and shadows. Below you can see a makeup tutorial starring Alexa Chung where she and makeup artist Lisa Eldridge recreate the it girl's staple look. I totally had to try it for myself.

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