Almost Famous

Now that the Academy Awards and many other movie award events have passed by we thought of introducing this new post idea we had: every month we're going to talk about a movie that has the best of music and fashion as well as a relevant story. 
We decided to begin with this film that has got to be on your watchlist if you haven't seen it, although I guess you may have. Is the story about a boy who gets to write an article for Rolling Stones magazine about an upcoming band; it comes along with a cool group of 'band-aids' a.k.a groupies, a great 70s soundtrack and of course a killer wardrobe which I may add it's kinda trendy for this spring.
Keep scrolling to get your inspiration!


The Music

 Some of you may had already guess by now, but Almost Famous is all about the 70's. It has an award winning soundtrack which consists of songs by bands from the 70's and late 60's. Simon & Garfunkel, The Who, Yes, The Beach Boys are just some of the groups you will be hearing to during the movie. Let's not forget one of the most iconic scenes when Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer' is playing and it took the characters from an angry, hostile vibe to a carefree and good atmosphere as they sing the lyrics to the song. That right there is what music does best.

The Fashion

An outfit inspired by one of the main characters: Penny Lane. In the movie she's seen like a rock n' roll goddess with that big shearling coat but beneath it she got all the free-spirit wardrobe that consisted of crop tops, baby-doll dresses, mini skirts and a whole lot of skin showing. 

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