Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

January has passed by so quickly that it didn't gave me any time to prepare this post. So we are now into February and I thought this was the last chance I had to share this with you.

I can say that 2014 was a pretty decent year for music, we had Royal Blood giving us hope for the future of music with their debut album, we also saw the Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl creating a behemoth of an album along side its own documentary series and FKA twigs which took a step forward with her music making it a kind of futuristic hip hop, that to my surprise I loved it so much.

All of that was just last year and I can blindfolded say that this year is going to be a lot better. Why? Well that's what this post is all about. We have an amazing year to look forward to, so let me tell you which albums are my most anticipated for the upcoming months.

Disclaimer: Most of the bands in the list are in the studio right now and/or have announce that it is most likely for an album to be release this year. It is not 100% confirmed so they could still delayed the album release for 2016.

20. Grimes
 No Title, TBA
 I've been listening some grimes and I'm not the biggest fan, but I sure am looking forward for her next project.

19. Adele
 No Title, TBA
 Everyone loved Adele's sophomore album and I'm included, so it is fair to say that I have high hopes for her 3rd album.

18. Carl Barat & The Jackals
 Let It Reign, February 16
 They would't be in my most anticipated albums of the year if it wasn't for the single they drop at the end of last year, also because of Carl Barat.

17. The Dead Weather
 No Title, TBA
 It would be nice to see Jack White returning to one of his many projects, specially one with such a line up like this one.

16. Spector
 No Title, TBA
 It has been 3 years since Spector last release their debut album, which I liked pretty much and it's almost here!

15. Kanye West
 No Title, TBA
 Yeezus was the album that introduced me to Kanye West, a little bit late I know, but it made me realize that this one here is a hell of an artist. I can't wait and see what does Kanye does next.

14. Lana del Rey
 Honeymoon, TBA
 I'm a big fan of Lana all thanks to my girlfriend. I am actually going to a Lana's concert in about 2 months and this album was obviously going into this list, altough it could've been a little bit higher, but we just got a Lana album last year so there's no hurry.

13. Will Butler
 Policy, March 10
We talked about Will's debut album on a previous post and it is thanks to the single he released back then, that it made our top list.

 12. Peace
 Happy People, February 9
 While I'm typing this the album is hours away from the release and I hope it does not let me down, I really enjoyed Peace's first album from head to toe.

11. Chvrches
 No Title, TBA
 Last year after seeing them in Coachella I fell in love with their music, their album was such a great achievment and let's hope their next one can come close to that.

10. The Vaccines
 English Graffiti, TBA
 The Vaccines is one of my favorite bands out there and their album could've easily be in the top 5 if it wasn't for the song they released about 3 weeks ago. Their album is still one of the most anticipated, but not as much.

9. Passion Pit
 No Title, TBA
 Yes! Passion Pit. Happy songs, melodic verses, such catchy hooks, Michael Angelakos makes such great songs, looking forward to an amazing album.

8. Radiohead
 No Title, TBA
One of the most influential bands ever and the most influential since the early 2000s. They are in studio right now and haven't release an album since 2011, that's how you create hype.

7. Swim Deep
 No Title, TBA
 I consider Swim Deep, Peace and Spector to be bands that share some kinda feeling and bands that make greate music. Just listen to Honey or Francisco and you'll know why they are in number 7.

6. The xx
 No Title, TBA
 The xx created their own genre, do I need to say more?

5. The Libertines
 No Title, TBA
 They didn't create a new genre, but they make it their own. If you are going to talk about Indie Rock, without a doubt you should have The Libertines included in that conversation. Their last album was release more than 10 years ago, we really need more of them.

4. Tame Impala
 No Title, TBA
 Their first album was a beast and their second one was even better, I can't imagine how's the third one going to sound like.

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers
 No Title, TBA
 One of the older bands that still makes better than decent music, actually they still make some great music. With Josh Klinghoffer as their leading guitar, I'm sure we are going to get a great next album.

2. Hinds
 No Title, TBA
 It wasn't long ago that I found this band right here and I fell in love with them. I haven't been so excited for a band since Haim and I have already hear some of their songs, so I'm pretty sure their album is going to be awesome.

1. Muse
 Drones, TBA
 The number 1 spot goes to none other than Muse, one of the biggest rock bands right now and some could argue that the biggest. I loved their previous album and most of their discography. They said that the next album is going to be heavier than their previous one and that's what I like to hear from bands. Let's hope it is also their greatest one.

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