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As much as I love rock, alt and indie music there's always these tracks that overcome that love. Those songs where there's always a soft tender voice, with beautifully written lyrics and always trying to capture a feeling maybe joy, maybe love or heartbreak or just about anything performed with a "I wanted to get that off of my chest" feeling. 
Well I guess that's what music's about but the thing is I've realized that when I hear a girl's voice on a song I really found it interesting, and then when it's a really good song it makes me love it, but then when I do a little research and am 100% sure they wrote it, or composed it or even play the instruments in it, I instantly fall in love for that kind of songs.
That's why I made this list in no particular order (just the first 3) with my personal favorite girl performers, the ones I really appreciate what they do with music and the ones I'm proud to say I'm a fan, so here it goes:

1. Lana del Rey
There are so many reasons of why I'm a fan of Lana del Rey despite her ethereal beauty, I love her voice. The first time I hear her I was like: "Ugh, boring." But then when I actually listened to it I couldn't stop crying... or feeling the sexiness in her songs, too. She has this magical voice, which is so melancholic and kinda relieved at the same time I don't know how to explain it, but she has this sense of hard love and empathy with distressed humans and also she refers in many songs that sick love and lust from Nabokov's Lolita. And it's not that I've been in situations like her songs tell but I think her voice and feelings can get into anyone like it gets me. 
You should listen to: National Anthem, This Is What Makes Us Girls, Fucked My Way Up To The Top

2. Taylor Swift
She's a queen! I love how she makes up stories and how she manages to tell every single detail of them in her songs. When I listen to a Taylor Swift song I can imagine all this situations and places and ahh she's a super creative writer, yes, kind of cheesy and corny, but still perfect. I fell in love with her music with her third album Speak Now, I was so into it because she does put all of these feelings in every single song. But recently I feel like she has become a little unsensitive with her songs, she somehow gets through people's feelings but in less words and with catchy music (yes, pop that's the word). I love her forever and always, but I don't like her that much right now. I still sing to 'Shake It Off', though. 
You should listen to: Enchanted, Sparks Fly, Hey Stephen, Should've Said No

3. HAIM 
These girls are the clear definition of cool girls. I love girl bands I will always want to be in one and play an instrument, mainly guitar or the drums, but I've realized that's not made for me. The Haim sisters are everything that inspire me: they got the voice, the skills, the looks, the hair, the style, if I had a Pinterest they would be all over it. I must say that my favorite thing about their songs is their incredibly great combination of voices, they make the perfect harmony.  
You should listen to: My Song 5, Don't Save Me, Falling

Have to mention also...
Hello Seahorse!
Hinds (fka Deers)
Lykke Li
Marina and the Diamonds
Ellie Goulding
Carla Morrison
Azealia Banks
Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless
Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Stevie Nicks
St. Vincent

OMG there's too many, I'm going to leave it there and just listen to this playlist to see what I'm talking about and you can give me your opinion on who's your favorite music goddess!

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