OOTD: Blue Jay Way

Hellooo, I've got many things to say about this outfit. First of all, I used to have a mirror and spent tons of time in the morning deciding what to wear, but now someone (I'm not saying names, it wasn't me though) broke it and it's weird because now I spend less time trying on outfits and watching how it looks. I guess I'm starting to know my clothes and how they fit my body, I don't know... But this is what I put on today just guessing it looked right. It kinda did! 

The second thing is, like I've said before I don't really wear graphic tees just for the sake of it, I always buy them when there's a real meaning speaking to me. My usual graphic tees are from bands, and I think every single one I own I have bought them at concerts and festivals (I do have a Ramones t-shirt from Forever21 just because it looks cool, I don't even know any song from them). 

The thing is, this is a really special t-shirt, I bought it when I went to London (took a little trip to Abbey Road) and I was in junior high (9th grade) and went with some guys from school and two of my best friends were there and it was such a great time. I bought it specially for my mom, because she's a really cool mom and listens to cool 70s and 80s music and the Beatles; but somehow, I remember, she wore it like two or three times and it was just hanging there on her closet and I just took it when I was big enough to fit in it, because for my little body it was a big t-shirt (adult S, but still big). 


So I changed it a little, cut off the neckline and rolled up the sleeves and I love this shirt. It's funny because when I was little I always thought the The Beatles' most popular song was Yellow Submarine and that was the only one I knew they played, and until I was really into them I couldn't even figure out what was their most powerful song or the most popular or their greatest song, because every one of them has its little things.  


Moving on to the outfit, I wore this t-shirt with some printed shorts, denim jacket and white sneakers. I love how these shorts make my legs look, I guess they seem fitter even though I have skinny legs. Anyways, I really liked doing the photoshoot about this outfit because of the above reasons and because of the simple royal blue wall I found, I love that color. 


I hope you liked this post and maybe comment below about anything you want!

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