What's On: Coachella Experiences Pt.1

Coachella is just around a few hours of starting their first week. We had this idea of sharing some friends' stories about their experiences in Coachella: some have been going for years, others got a really lucky first time, and some 'fell in love' at the festival. What's for sure that these stories got in common? They spent three of their best days in their life full of music and love. 
Head on for two of the stories and keep in tune to read more stories next week! 

The Lucky One
Sacbé C'14

I had been wanting to go to Coachella for two years and I had missed some concerts I really wanted to go, so I set as a goal to not miss 2014´s event. To make sure I had my ticket I bought it and started the payment by July 2013 and got my visa one month before the festival.
The fact that I was going with my best friends was a great advantage because everything went better when there was trust, I mean, if anyone wanted to go to one stage and someone else didn't there was no problem.

The first day was kind of an "introduction". It was the first Coachella I had attended as well as two of my friends (that ended up being 3 because a 'monkey' got in the way) and we were beginning to learn about the place, how to move and the ravels that could've got to us during the event. We walked a lot (I imagine like... 3 hours) because we didn't know how to shift between stages just yet and we got to the place where we we're staying the night super exhausted. I remember watching my friend 'el chango', he went to sleep in a quite small couch all rolled up and I got really happy to at least get my legs stretched out in the place I slept.

The second day was the one I enjoyed the most, we had already known the basics: how to survive with a chicken sandwich from Jack in the Box, we knew the distance between stages and where everything was. The day got even better when the 4 of us ended up with VIP bracelets that we won in a Samsung Galaxy activity. The VIP zone wasn't that much of an attraction, I mean, to be paying 700 dlls for it, but a friend of mine and I got surprised to be running into Jared Leto and Matt Helders from the Arctic Monkeys. 
During the whole day we enjoyed the bands we really like a lot like Bombay Bycicle Club, Julian Casablancas, Temples and others; and to finish, the night got way better when in one single stage we got to watch MGMT, Foster the People, Queens of the Stone Age and Muse in that order. To me, that was the best day because of those 4 bands in the Main stage.


The last day was a nice day too, a little less active than saturday but still; with a great act from Arcade Fire and their innovative show with mirrors, they closed the event with a flourish.

Coachella was a fun and enriching experience, in my opinion everyone should attend the festival at leaste once in their life.

The Music Lover

Luis C'13

I must begin by saying that Coachella is one of the best experiences I’ve had in my entire life. What makes this kind of music events unique is that you can only focus all day in music, and if you enjoy music, what can be better than 12 hours of live bands for 3 consecutive daysThanks to all the attention that you’ve got on musicall your worries disappear, or you can just forget about them

Other thing that I liked  was the vibes that you can feel, everyone is
in a complete state of happiness (it may be because of the drugs present during the festival,
but that’s something else plus, not everyone who attends does drugs). It’s a very pleasant
sensation when everyone around you is feeling the same cool emotions just like you. 

Some of my most memorable moments in the festival was when Palma Violets was playing and they didn’t mind the lack of audience and created this great mood. Another cool thing was when I met Jamie Cook and Nick O’Malley members of the Arctic Monkeys during Jake Bugg’s set.  Generally speaking, if you like music and have the opportunity to attend Coachella, just go, it’s most likely that you will have a really good experience.


We hope you liked these stories and keep up for more of them on Weekend 2!

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