What's On: Coachella Experiences Pt.2

Coachella Weekend 2 is here and as we promised here's our Coachella Experiences Pt.2. You're heading on to read some cool stories from a 4-year in a row Coachella attendant and last but not least our (Rock n' Vogue's team) great and one of our best experiences together. Keep reading!

The Coachella Expert
Priscilla C'12-15

I have been going to Coachella since 2012, and this 2015 will be my fourth Coachella. In my first Coachella I was super excited that I was going to see Radiohead,Arctic Monkeys, Girls, Neon Indian, Black Keys and a lot of bands that I love. The experiences were so magical 'cause you feel the good vibes of the people, everywhere you see there's people dancing, jumping or screaming "HAPPY COACHELLA!", I was surprised by the way people don’t care of what others think, they move to the music and enjoy it, how it has to be.

In my second Coachella I knew how it was like, so I had like “experience” and knew how to organize my schedule and don’t die running to stages. My priorities were to be in the front row, to take pictures, but until 2014 I understood that being in the first row wasn’t everything, a lot of emotional, happy, and exciting things happen when you are not so close. For example when I saw Lana del Rey I was by myself, and some guys invited me to dance with them and put me a crown flowers, it was a beautiful moment. And also the vibe, omg I can’t stop talking about the vibe, really in my four years going I haven’t seen a fight, maybe it sounds SUPEEEEEEER hippie but there's a lot of love and peace, people just go to enjoy and dance not to be rude and fight.

Every person that has asked me about Coachella I tell them this; “It's an AMAZING experience that you will never find in other place, the people, the vibe, the music are incomparable, maybe with time the tickets get more expensive but it's totally worth it, in your life you should go at least one time, but it gets addictive”.

In Love with Coachella
Chombo & Aitanni

We had a great time at Coachella last year, it's definitely one of the best experiences we've ever had together. By the time we went we we're not bf/gf, but we were still hanging out and dating; the point is our parents, and practically everyone else, didn't know that fact and they (our parents) let us go together 'as friends'. And so, it was perfect because one could feel free and without any resposibility at the festival, we felt already like a couple and by the time we got back to town everyone thought that we fell in love at Coachella, and maybe that was it, it was a really special moment.

At the festival, everyone had a really good vibe and got along like family even if you didn't know them. Of course music is the big thing in the festival, but even if you do not like most of the bands, you could still have tons of fun. Coachella is like a big summer party.


Chombo's highlights: My festival highlights were between Arcade Fire's show which was the final moment of Coachella, I got all chocked up about that ; the Sahara tent, which I enjoyed even if I'm not a fan of EDM; and Muse's set, without a doubt the best set in the festival.
Aitanni's highlights: The best part of Coachella, to me, was that I convinced Chombo to stay with me all Sunday trying to get a spot on the front row to watch Lana del Rey (her show was at 7, and we arrived at 2) it was surreal, I think she's probably from another planet, she's gorgeous.  And to watch a lot of my favorite bands all in one day (Saturday) it was perfect: Cage the Elephant, CHVRCHES, Julian Casablancas, Warpaint, MGMT, Foster the People, Queens of the Stone Age and Muse! My fav day.  


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