OOTD: Momma Said

Hii! I got caught up with pictures of my weekend outfits so I'll share these two: first, a basic white tee with a cute little mini skirt with some beads on the edge; and second, I wore this beautiful yellow dress for a special occasion: Mother's Day! 
I'd like to dedicate this post to my beloved mother, she totally deserves a spot in my blog since she has taught me a lot about finding my style (and of course many other things). I hate that I've been such a pain in the ass these past years but I'm really trying to be cool with you and also to make you really proud, luv u. 

So, indulge into the pictures and please admire just like I did that gorgeous yellow dress with some flower appliques on it!

I guess you can see those little beads, and my bruises and marks (idk how I got those).

Showing off some skin (juuust a little)


That's my mom and I trying to keep it cool during the mini-photoshoot.


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