OOTS (Outfits of The Summer): Big Jet Plane

I went on a trip to Turkey, Greece and New York City and just came back last Friday. I'm beginning to adjust to my time-zone and editing all these pictures and videos I took to share this trip with you. So, I'm making a series of videos in youtube (I'm posting it all the way below in this post) and in this blog I'm going to write this experience down and show you some pictures of what I wore and share some facts about what I learned about these incredible cultures. 

We (my mom, her husband and I) flew from San Diego and made a 10 hour layover on New York's JFK airport, so we decided to visit the city for a while. We were scared of leaving too far from the airport so we decided to go to Brooklyn and there's this place with great views called Brooklyn Heights Promenade which is a space for walking and resting and it is near some piers. I was shocked at watching the famous Big Apple for the first time, little did I know that I was just watching the very tip of the island (there's soooo much more in Manhattan). We walked around, got some breakfast and watched the Brooklyn Bridge from below and the Manhattan Bridge from far, just resting to face our 10 hour flight to Amsterdam (another 6 hour layover). 

Once we got into the Schiphol airport, we asked for information about how to get to the city by train, almost got lost because we didn't understand the language on the screens and just made a little mess before heading to Amsterdam's central. It was funny because we were visiting the city at 6 a.m. and once we got out of the train station we saw the city and then a weird smell got in our way and we turned around and there was this guy smoking weed. We thouhgt it was a very nice and stereotyped welcoming to Amsterdam. It was a little too early to find breakfast or to see any movement in the city, so we just peacefully walked around the canals and got back for our flight to Istanbul.

These pictures are actually from our second day in Istanbul (the first day was for sleeping and resting from the plane, it was just like 6 hours). What we did was: we went to see part of a big fortress that surrounds a bit of the city and was built by the Ottoman empire (middle school's world history was finally working on me); we also went to the Blue Mosque, which is a big muslim sanctuary, I was wearing a slevless, short dress and to enter I had to put on a special one to cover my legs and shoulders; then, we went to some underground cistern where long agooo they used to save their water in there and kept it clean with some special fish; after that we went to Hagia Sophia (in spanish Santa Sofia), a huge mosque that was converted into a Christian church and now remains as a museum that shows the intersection of these two cultures and some beautiful Christian mosaics.

On this day we went on a boat around the Bosphorous, which is the strait that divides Turkey into two continents: Europe and Asia. After that, we went to another mosque called New Mosque which was also very beautiful and big. Then, we runned into the Spice Bazaar and walked around it, it is this huge market that sells everything: souvenirs, spices of course, lamps, pashminas, clothes, ceramics, tech stuff, spoons, I don't know but you can find whatever there. Eventually, we walked through a bridge and lots of streets and got to the Galata Tower, I loved the area around it, it was perfect to me: little vintage and design shops, I bought just some really cute postcards. 

   I hope you liked this post and wait for the next one, here's the vlog I posted on Youtube:

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